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Why the Premium Range?


While you may have heard us mention our standardised Premium Range, we wanted to take a moment to explain just what this means for you.

For the longest time, custom built units have been the only option available from any manufacturer, including ourselves.

The primary issue with this reality is simple – time to revenue.

Naturally, when undertaking a custom build process, from the moment our customers placed the order an intensive design period combined with extended build times meant that months would tick by before any revenue was being generated.

For those on less rigid timelines with more unique and complex needs, a custom built unit still holds relevance. But with market pressures both on the procurement side for customers as well as the supply chain side for us, the time was right to find a solution that could solve the issue whilst not compromising on quality.

Enter our Ready-to-Earn, Premium Range.

One of the key factors to the success of the Premium Range has been the input from our customer base built up over the past 25 years in operation.

The design elements of each Premium Range unit have been informed by operator feedback from over 900 builds and resulting in a dramatically reduced delivery turnaround and maximised earning potential for our customers.

Take a look today at how the Premium Range will work for you.