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Vacuum Truck Supplies (VTS)

Leaders in quality, design and engineering of Vacuum tankers since 1998, Vacuum Truck Supplies is Australia’s only specialist vacuum tanker manufacturer. We deal exclusively in vacuum trucks, trailers and portables. We also stock and supply vacuum pumps and components for the liquid waste, mining and hydro-excavation industries.

Located in Mansfield, Victoria, the team at Vacuum Truck Supplies works closely with our customers, to ensure they have the right equipment, training and ongoing support. Our design and engineering department is constantly undertaking extensive research and development in order to create robust solutions which increase strength and durability of our products whilst always striving to reduce weight. In addition, the sales and support department consistently strive to provide excellent and easy to understand pre- and after-sales advice and service.

Why do business with VTS?

Vacuum Truck Supplies are quite simply the liquid waste industry specialists. Vacuum units that leave VTS are ready to work on day 1 and we will not compromise on that. We care. We’re easy to deal with. We firmly believe our commitment to quality, safety and continuous improvement is unmatched in the industry. There is a reason we have been around for so long, just ask our customers!

Quality Assurance

When it comes to compliance Vacuum Truck Supplies have been leaders in the vacuum industry for decades now. Our commitment to provide safe, compliant equipment is unmatched and continues to be front of mind for VTS. All of our vehicles are designed to meet or exceed all the rigorous Australian design standards for vacuum trucks and trailers.

Work History

Vacuum Truck Supplies has been manufacturing both standardised and custom-built vacuum tankers for nearly 25 years for both the high corporate waste companies, as well as for “Mum & Dad” septic and greasetrap businesses throughout Australia.

Knowledge Hub

We know how hard it is to find reliable information in the liquid waste industry! Check out our knowledge hub to keep you and your business on the cutting edge.

Whenever there is a need, we have a solution

What about custom?

Of course we are also capable of a diverse range of custom builds. If you have a need not addressed by our standardised range, please get in touch to discuss the details of your build.

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