Fleet Audit

The fleet audit was developed by us in order to give you a snap shot of your tanker fleet at a given point in time. It is particularly helpful as out of it comes a life matrix outlining the predicted life expectancy based on tank wall thickness, component and pumping system longevity and we also supply a report outlining Australian Standards compliance combined with an OH&S inspection. This can form a vital part of your risk management strategy.


VTS provide full operational and maintenance training on all equipment we build, this can be done at our facility or on site at yours. Ideally come and play in our sand pit as we have plenty of toys. We also have a dam where we can demonstrate loading and unloading characteristics of the equipment thus simulating working conditions.

Every tanker we build comes with a comprehensive operations manual which fully explains not only operations but maintenance requirements and correct scheduling.

Truck & Tank Refurbishment

Throughout a tanker's life it is critical to keep it in safe and efficient working order.

VTS has recently refurbished an old clunker. The truck’s cabin required a clean up so we repainted the exterior and re-trimmed the interior. The tank was stripped and repainted. Next we fitted new hose trays, bumper and a complete new liquid ring vacuum pump and drive system.

Refurbishing equipment is a cost effective way to reuse older equipment. In this case the saving was in the vicinity of $150,000. I guess we turned the proverbial sow’s ear into a silk purse!

Vacuum Servicing

As well as building them we are also capable of servicing your vacuum equipment. We also service vacuum equipment not manufactured by us.

This ensures we keep your tanker operating as we designed it. A part of this we give you a report on its condition.

Ideally the service work is carried out at Club VTS although we can do onsite if needed.