The TipperVac is a 22,000L capacity heavy duty bulk waste tanker. The vacuum system consists of a Hatz H50 turbo diesel engine, driving a 500 CFM Fruitland RCF870. The entire system is self-sufficient and doesn’t require any power from the prime mover to drive it, tip it or open the rear door. The trailer is equipped with 3850L of fresh water capacity and a 2000psi/20lpm high pressure water pump, driven by the same power plant.

The trailer is running three Fuwa axles, disc brakes and an air suspension system. The trailer has Wabco EBS and the accompanying Wabco smart board, providing instant axle load readout. Alloy wheels are also a standard item, with all trailers having a professional wheel alignment before leaving our factory.

All Trailer lighting is LED, including multiple LED worklights and front & rear flashing LED beacons.

The vacuum barrel is also fitted with full rollover protection on the top of the tanker, protecting all top access points. A full pneumatic handrail allows safe access to these top mounted openings.


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