Industrial Liquid Waste

Industrial Liquid Waste Vacuum Trucks


Industrial liquid vacuum tankers are most often mild steel in construction due to the many and varied loads they are required to pump and transport throughout their life. Industrial vacuum tankers are capable of doing the work of a septic and/or a grease trap tanker, however they vary in construction due to the variety of other liquids and sludges they may be required to handle. Most obvious variations may be a front tipping cylinder, full opening rear door, on board fresh water, high pressure water system and full rollover with handrail to allow top access to the tank for cleaning. Typical uses for an industrial vacuum tanker could be drill muds, a variety of sludges and slurries.

These tankers can have either vane or liquid ring pumps, the size of vacuum pump required will depend upon the purpose of the truck, however genereally these trucks will require 500CFM and upward.


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