Why do business with VTS?

Jeepers! Where to start? We’re liquid waste industry specialists. We care. We’re easy to deal with. Commitment to the customer, quality of build, innovation in design, continuous ongoing product improvement, specialists in the liquid waste industry, stock and custom build capabilities and more – ask our customers!


Uncompromising on safety and quality

Risk assessments are built into the design and manufacture of each individual unit with the end user in mind – which is much more cost effective than trying to retrofit safety features.

By having total control of the design and manufacture, we minimize the introduction of OHS hazards into your workplace and create practical, user-friendly operating manuals and training to help with installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

OHS Commitment

In line with Victorian OH&S Regulations 2007, we are committed to providing you with safe, well-designed equipment by:

  • Identifying potential hazards related to plant and equipment;
  • Taking appropriate action to eliminate or minimize these risks through specialist knowledge, design and manufacture;
  • Documenting safe work practices for plant and equipment; and
  • Providing training, information and instruction to staff and operators on safe work practices in relation to VTS supplied equipment.